There are over 4000 miles of interconnected snowmobile trails throughout Maine. Many of those trails are deep in the woods and in areas where cell phone coverage is spotty at best. Those conditions can be a challenge for rescue workers if they have to find someone injured and get to them. That was the exact challenge that the Eustis Fire Department faced when the Franklin County 911 dispatcher received a call from an injured snowmobiler Tuesday.

The call came in just before noon on Tuesday and was quickly lost due to poor cell service from the location of the call. However, thanks to GPS location in the phone, the dispatcher was able to provide coordinates to Eustis Fire and Rescue crew. They teamed up with Maine Game Wardens, Border Patrol, ambulance service and others to follow the GPS signal where they found the injured snowmobiler.

The weather conditions weren't good for Life Flight so they had to bring the injured snowmobiler out on a covered sled towed by a snowmobile seen in the picture shared on the Eustis Maine Fire Department's Facebook page. As of this writing, no name or injuries of the snowmobiler were released, but we hope that they recover quickly.

It just amazes me that we live in a world with the technology to quickly locate someone even if they aren't able to speak into a phone or even have solid service. As soon as the dispatcher's phone answers your call, they have your location so if you can't communicate your emergency, they can find you. That wasn't even possible just 10 years ago.

Big shout out to all of the rescue personnel and volunteers that helped rescue this snowmobiler and get them to the nearest hospital as quickly as they could. Because of you and all of those in your profession, we feel safe knowing you're there. Thank you!

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