It's finally here, good CYY peeps. Winter. Well not officially, but now that we've already had our first snow storm of the year, we need to treat it as though it's here. Sean Bean might be pumped about it, but we most definitely are not. Besides Ski Season, that is - couldn't be more excited for that.

So, as a reminder to everyone who takes just walking to your car like a normal person for granted, here's some info from HuffPost on how to effectively de-ice our driveways. Hold back the collective groan for now - we're about to need this!

  • Clear any excess snow from your deiveway
  • Apply a thin, even layer of salt
  • Keep the salt away from plants, lawns, pets and anything else that might want to get at it

Simple enough, right? You bet. Check out the rest of HuffPost's report here.

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