After a few gorgeous beach days, the sky has become hazy in Southern Maine. This is not your normal coastal haze, however. According WMTW, what we are seeing is actually smoke from wildfires burning out of control in Western Canada.

Because the smoke is aloft, we can't smell it. No health  notices concerning our air quality have been posted.

I had no idea that thousands of acres of land have burned in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The smoke from the fires can be seen on satellite images and is affecting sunsets as far away as England.

According to the Washington Post, the ferocious Chuckegg Creek Fire is about the size of Rhode Island. It's raining soot in the area and the fire is literally jumping rivers.

A bad-ass fire calls for bad-ass firefighters, and the U.S. is sending one hundred of our best from Wyoming and Colorado. The elite, highly trained and experienced Hot Shots out of Colorado will be in Canada to battle the blaze for two weeks.



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