Stephen King has written plenty of books that have given people goosebumps, but you'll usually find "Pet Sematary" on the top of most people's list as one of his most fascinating and horrifying novels. So imagine for a second if you lived in the very house that inspired that great piece of work. You could.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the house that Stephen King once rented in Orrington, Maine, that eventually inspired him to write "Pet Sematary" is now for sale. And if you think it's wildly out of your piece range, it's probably not. The house at 664 River Road is going for $255,000.

King told the BDN that he was inspired to write "Pet Sematary" because his own family's cat, named Smucky, was struck and killed by a truck on the road by the house. The family buried the cat in a makeshift cemetery for pets nearby, and that is when the idea popped into King's head. What if, instead of a cat, the truck had hit a human being? And what if, there was something unique about the burial grounds that made it sacred ground? The rest was history.

Stephen King actually wrote the book in a storeroom across the street from this famous home.

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