As a premiere East Coast tourist destination, it should not be a big surprise that Maine has hundreds of amazing restaurants.  Portland, of course, is a foodie paradise.  But, lately, we are seeing some amazing restaurants pop up in unexpected places.  Some people, for example, are saying Biddeford is quickly becoming one of the state’s go-to culinary towns.  And most of our towns and cities have at least a handful of great restaurants.

Of course, the people who have made the trip to Maine to dine at our best restaurants want more than just a good meal.  For most of our visitors, if they wanted that, all they had to do was make a short drive.  Nope.  The people who choose to dine at our state’s best restaurants also want the ambience.  In many cases, that ambiance also includes breathtaking views.

But which restaurant has the best views in the state?

According to the Hawaiian Islands website, the restaurant with the most amazing views in the state is The Reading Room in Bar Harbor.

Located inside the historic Bar Harbor Inn, The Reading Room offers diners an impressive view of Frenchman Bay and the nearby islands.  If you are visiting Bar Harbor at the right time, you may even see a cruise ship anchored in the bay.

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Google Maps

Some of the menu items at the seasonal establishment include lobster bisque, duck confit, butter poached halibut, braised short ribs, and lobster dinner.

The hotel where the restaurant is located dates back to 1887, when Bar Harbor was a summer destination for the rich and famous.  Originally, it was a clubhouse for the Oasis Club.  Following WWI, the club was no longer able to afford the upkeep of the property.  Over the next few decades, it was sold several times.  During WWII, it was used by the US Navy.

The building has been used as a hotel since about 1950.  Over the last 70 years, it has been expanded and updated several times.

You can learn more about the property HERE

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