Probably going to make the naughty list for this one. As we've covered before, Maine is one of many states across the country to drop many rules that existed for years on what you can and can't have on your license plate. Since those rules have been relaxed, new and interesting license plates have been popping up statewide.

Reddit via lantech
Reddit via lantech

Shared on Reddit by lantech, a car spotted driving through Buxton is probably not much for the holiday spirit. A couple quick observations from the photo include:

If the license plate didn't send the message already, and bold red lettering on the bumper is certain to do the trick.

Also, zoom in and check out the small lettering in the back window. When you're a big deal, it's important to let people know...

This won't be the last time you see a license plate like this, in fact, this person might want to go back to the BMV and just get that naughty word spelled out in full. Why not? It's legal.

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