First and foremost, most tree farms do believe there are enough trees to meet the demand this year. But to help you out - the number one thing you need to know is...

Get your tree early!

The Bangor Daily News says the Christmas tree supply is lower and is being affected by the recession back in 2008-2009. That recession, which was a doozy, forced some farms to close and others to not plant as many trees.

Photo by Sean Foster on Unsplash
Photo by Sean Foster on Unsplash

So to be sure if you want a fresh Christmas tree to cut down, get it now! There is an actual Maine Christmas Tree Association that says that the recession from over a decade ago is messing with the supply, but there should be enough. However, your perfect Christmas tree may not be at the farm you first pick.

How does a recession almost 15 years ago affect your Christmas tree today?

You have to be a bit of a fortune teller to get into the Christmas tree farm business. Trees take about a decade to mature into that glorious pine delight in your living room. The interesting part of the tree 'problem' in Maine is that tree farms created their problem. Finding and cutting down your tree has become more popular over the years in Maine. It's a special part of the holidays. From hunting for that perfect tree to having some hot chocolate or cider and cutting it down - it's a new tradition for a lot of families.

Even Clark Griswold knew how special it was to cut down your own Christmas tree. Granted, he didn't quite do it the way you are supposed to.

No matter what tree you get, have a great holiday season!

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