For 9 months in portions of 2017 and 2018, Seth Macy delivered hysterical takes on everything from Red's Eats to Uncle Henry's magazine to your memere needing help hooking things up. He called his satirical site NewMaineNews, a perfect Maine twist on the well-known satirical site The Onion. There was just one problem for Macy, he wasn't making any money with it.

New Maine News
New Maine News

So NewMaineNews took a hiatus, and many of his faithful readers were worried that the hobby site would be forgotten. But if you follow Macy on social media, you started to see the sign in recent weeks, he had the itch again. The itch to make fun of all the obvious and silly things we do here in Maine. And as it turns out, he couldn't stay away for too long.

NewMaineNews launched a new story on November 7th, covering last night's gubernatorial election. Filled with all the sarcasm that we've come to expect from a Seth Macy special, his target this time was Shawn Moody.

We're hopeful that Macy has some extra time to continue publishing new stuff on NewMaineNews. Given the current political climate, the impending winter and the fact that the sun sets at 2:45pm everyday, we all need a little more humor in our lives. Welcome back, NewMaineNews!

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