High rates of traffic and an uptick in accidents have led to the Maine DOT's decision to lower the speed limit on a stretch of I-295.

The stretch of I-295 between Falmouth and Topsham that has been the most treacherous for accidents and most clogged by traffic will have its speed limit lowered from 70 m.p.h. to 65 m.p.h. starting on March 27th. According to WGME, the Maine DOT made the decision after compiling, and researching, a substantial amount of data.

Commuters of this stretch, a key artery for those who work in Portland but live north of it, has become more and more dangerous in recent years. Some played the increase in speed limit and the propensity of distracted drivers. There's been a 29% increase in accidents since the speed limit was raised to 70 m.p.h., but some wonder if that's solely the cause.

Drivers can expect an increased police presence when the new speed limit is enforced to remind people of the change. Time will tell whether accidents, and extensive traffic, is reduced with the change in speed limit.

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