As many of you have probably already seen, the trailer for the new adaptation of It, Stephen King's famous novel about a demented drag queen that kidnaps a couple and... Wait, that's Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ah, yes! The famous novel about a clown terrorizing the children of the fictional town of Derry, Maine is already garnering a lot of attention from around the internet. Watch the trailer below:

Pretty creepy, huh? I'd imagine Pennywise doesn't get many birthday gigs with a resumé like that.

Anyway, according to an article in the NME, the trailer has SMASHED the record for most views in the first 24hrs after release. The teaser hit a whopping 197 million views across multiple platforms in that time, as well as 1.8 million shares on Facebook in just the United States. The record was previously held by another recently released trailer for Fate of the Furious, with 139 million clicks in the following day.

I can't wait until this movie comes out! Granted, I'll probably be at home crying for most of the following evening, but for the time being, I'll bask in my excitement.

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