How big of a fan are you for your favorite bands or movies? Have you ever waited in line for concert tickets or the opening of a motion picture? 


Remember the days when your favorite band came to town or a movie opened up that you were so excited about that you just had to be there for launch or first sale? These days, click the mouse while you're at work between filing TPS reports and you're all set. Punch in your CC number & security code & pay a ridiculous "service fee" and you're going to see whoever at the Megadome. Or jump on Fandango to pre purchase your movie tickets! There's no need for you to stand in line with awkward 13 year old girls dying to see the Hunger Games. Sure it can be easy these days... but that's no fun!

These folks in this documentary trailer are super Star Wars fans. They waited a long long time to be the first to see the first episode in the new Star Wars series some years back. Weird? Maybe to those who don't care. After all, there's stuff everyone does that's weird or unusual to others. These folks were celebrating with common folk and geeking out over something that means a lot to them in their lives. There's nothing weird about that. To me, that's living life the right way. These are moments to enjoy!

(Make sure pay the bills before you do something like this though! Feed the cat too!)