These Live Concert Videos Will Make You Miss AURA Wicked Bad
Man, do we miss concerts here at CYY. It's where we are most alive and where we get to hang with YOU. One of our most favorite spots in town is AURA. And not just because it's 100 yards from the CYY studios so we can sneak away for a beer to the AURA sports grill in the middle of the day. …
Is This What We Are Going to Wear to Go to Concerts in Maine?
I don't know about you but I am really missing concerts. The whole thing. Getting tickets for them. Looking forward to them. Discussing with friends what should and should not be on the setlist. The Pregame. The $8 beers. The time of my life! And this was going to be an epic summer. From Bangor…
Would You Go To A Drive-In Concert in Maine?
The idea of "drive-in" concerts came alive this past weekend in Denmark. The country, not the Maine town. But what IF drive-in concerts were held in Maine. Would you go? Bands use a sound system as well as putting the audio feed on the FM dial so you can blast it in your vehicle.
New Politics at Aura
94.3 WCYY presents New Politics and Xander Nelson on Tuesday, June 18th at Aura for the low, low price of just 94 cents.

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