After what could only be described as an incredible inconvenient week for most of Maine, the power has finally come back on for most (if not all) Mainers. THANK YOU CMP!!

One thing that struck us here at the station is just how unprepared most people were to lose power for a whole week. I've heard quite a few stories about friends having to throw out everything in their freezers, and purchasing every meal while out and about last week. So that got me thinking - what are some meals that you don't need power to whip up? ell, after some brainstorming, we humbly present the WCYY Blackout Cookbook - 5 meals to keep in your back pocket with a snow-heavy winter coming on.

1) Oats & Cereal
Probably the oldest and most reliable trick in the book, Oats make for a great on-the go snack. However, when combined with some water and left to sit overnight, it makes for a healthy, oatmeal-esque experience for breakfast the next morning! Cereals are also a good option, if you use a milk alternative that you don't have to refrigerate.

2) Veggie Noodles
While this may not sound particularly appealing to the devout pasta-eaters of the world, if you're out of a stove during a blackout, then there's always this healthy alternative. Making noodles out of cucumbers, zucchini or squash can make for a good meal base, without the need to boil it!

3) Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Seriously, how could this NOT have made the list? For picky and adventurous eaters alike, this staple of the kitchen is always a viable option for powerless situations.

4) Fruit Salad
Buying a bunch of fresh fruit, chopping it up and sticking it in a cup to go is a great, healthier option for when you don't have any power. It's best to stay away from fruits you'd need to refrigerate, like grapes. Dried fruit is a great alternative if you aren't going to eat all of it quickly!

5) Give Up and Order Takeout
Does all of this sound like too much work? Of course it does! So once you tire of saving cash by preparing your own meals, finally break down and call out for some Chinese food! Power is bound to come back soon anyway... right?

This one wasn't officially on the list, because you technically need a propane stove or grill to make it work. However, if you've got one on hand, you'll definitely want to check this out. (This was also featured in our 5 Things To Do While You Wait For Your Power To Come Back post).

Did we miss your favorite go-to food you don't have to cook? Let us know in the comments! Seriously, please do - we need to be preparing for this winter...

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