I once received oyster crackers from an old woman one year. Yes, the crackers that you toss into your soup. I thought that was pretty messed up but apparently it's pretty mild compared to these items that Buzzfeed rounded up and actual "treats".

I think my favorite on the list has to be the potato salad. How fantastic is that? Not that you would be excited or that you would actually eat it but that you got to say you received potato salad while trick or treating?

Live goldfish is a bit bizarre too...especially since they weren't in any water. These are the things that happen when you visit senile people on Halloween.

How about a pack of butts? All of a sudden the old lady down the street that used to give you pennies now seems normal.

I lied...the potato salad isn't my favorite. It's the cat. Yes someone received an actual cat, which he/she still has seventeen years later. I need to get in touch with person somehow for an interview. This one reminded me of Aunt Bethany in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when she wrapped up things from around the house as gifts, including her cat.

Here's the complete list from Buzzfeed. What's the strangest thing you've received for Halloween while trick-or-treating? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Speaking of Halloween, we threw the biggest party in Portland last year and we're doing it again. Click the link below for details and tickets for the CYY Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash at 58 Fore Street, The Portland Company!




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