This leads immediately to the question...what the heck is a Hobbit Hole?

A Hobbit Hole at Wooden Wonders is the brain child of Rocy Pillsbury, who loved fantasy worlds as a kid and is a talented carpenter by trade. But with the birth of their first child, he wanted to be able to work from home and not have to travel... and the Hobbit Hole was born.

They first debuted the fun playhouse type house at the Common Ground Fair back in 2009, according to their website, and the kids swarmed it for all three days - a hit!

They knew that that it could have many uses - chicken coop, playhouse, storage shed,'s endless! The craftsmanship and quality of these hobbit houses is what has made them a HUGE success.

According to their website, they are the "world's only Hobbit Hole company," and they have the official permission to use the actual terms like "Hobbit Hole," "Middle-earth," and "Shire."

So they aren't just homes in the ground. They are Hobbit Holes!

Curved buildings are not easy to build, and it takes time and expertise. These are two things plentiful at Wooden Wonders.

They are built with the materials used to make a home. High quality and gorgeous. Perfect to get away from it all...

They are now famous for their Hobbit Holes, but they do so much more. Wooden Wonders turned staying at home to raise their kids, into something that has kept them busy and will be around for generations to come.

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