It isn't breaking news to say there's a lot of strange stuff roadside throughout the State of Maine. If you can dream it, it might be outside somebody's house catching rain or holding up their mailbox. Most of the time, those peculiar roadside eye-catchers have a limited lifespan before they become legend. Unless of course you're Tom Selleck. A poster of Tom Selleck to be exact. Because that roadside attraction has been welcoming people to Fairfield, Maine for almost 30 years now.

Courtesy of Lindsay Davis
Courtesy of Lindsay Davis

Shared with us by Lindsay Davis, there he is in all of 1980's glory. The handsome, mustached actor who famously played Magnum P.I. to worldwide fame. And while he's had plenty of leading roles in Hollywood, the poster of Tom Selleck inside this shed has been holding down this supporting effort longer than daytime soap opera actors.

According to WABI, the posted inside the shed isn't the original that was tossed up there almost three decades ago. Time takes a toll on us all, including Tom Selleck and the poster had to be replaced at one to preserve the actor's looks and the integrity of the landmark. And yes, it's definitely a landmark. Some towns have clocktowers, churches and monuments as landmarks. Fairfield, Maine has a poster of Tom Selleck inside of a shed.

If that isn't Maine, we don't know what is. By the way, if you're hitting the road and thinking about passing through Fairfield to catch a glimpse of this A-list celebrity, you can spot him along Route 104. But please, no flash photography.

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