Our lives have become so on-demand, that it's almost puzzling when you can't get a food item delivered to your doorstep. Got a craving for pizza or chicken wings? Pick up the phone. Looking for some Asian cuisine? Not going to be an issue. But doughnuts? Banana bread? Blueberry muffins? That's been a whole different story.

According to the Bangor Daily News via The Journal Tribune, that is about to change for residents of Sanford and Springvale, as a new bakery will deliver fresh doughnuts to your door over the weekend. Seriously.

They're called New England Bakery, a bakery in Sanford that already has an impressive line of creative doughnuts and baked goods to offer. That includes a buttermilk and blueberry concoction, champagne doughnuts and the intriguing sounding cherry-cola filled doughnut called the Warren Buffett. They also offer a ton of other baked goods, including cinnamon rolls, cookies, and a Maine favorite, the whoopie pie.

New England Bakery is located on Main Street in Sanford, and can found through Google or on Facebook. Is there a market for doughnut delivery on a chilly autumn Sunday morning? We think so. You know where to find us.


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