It's construction season in Maine, which means plenty of delays, detours and bright orange signs plastered everywhere. We're used to that, we pretty much expect it this time of year. But what happens when the construction sign seems to be hitting on you? Don't believe me? Well...what do you make of this?

Shared on Facebook by Stacey Feldmus, apparently there are no longer speed bumps in Old Town, Maine...just speed HUMPS. So if you're in the mood for a quickie, Old Town is for you, speed humps on the reg.

To be fair, in the southern portion of the United States, small rises in the road are often identified as speed humps and not bumps. But here in the northeast, it's pretty uncommon to refer to them as humps, and even less common to see a bright orange sign letting you know that the humping is coming.

So OId Town, whatcha gonna do with all those humps, those humps inside your road? Just asking.

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