The calendar has officially flipped to October which means it's scare season. There's lots of different frightening attractions to choose from, but one in particular, may pull at native Mainers just a little more than others. That's because the makeshift haunted house is inspired by the works of Maine's master of horror, Stephen King.

The Fright at the Fort has been a yearly attraction for the last 19 years. The haunted house actually takes place inside a Civil War-era Fort Knox and will feature some of Stephen King's creepiest characters, including Pennywise the clown. The Fright at the Fort is located in Prospect, Maine, right across the river from Bucksport.

The haunted house will stretch through different rooms and recesses of the legendary fort, with each turn like flipping a new page in one of King's iconic novels. If the hair isn't already standing up on your neck, it will.

The Fright on the Fort only takes place on October 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th. Hours of operation are limited to 5:30-9pm on those dates. Organizers of the haunted house suggest that all children be accompanied by an adult and that those with health conditions proceed with extreme caution.

Happy haunting...

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