In a world of advertising in our faces 24/7, perhaps we take for granted how serene Maine truly is. Across the country, from coast to coast, people are inundated with something that Maine outlaws, billboards.

Those who have traveled down I-95 to take in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park have undoubtedly spotted dozens of billboards along the highway corridor. Even worse, for those that take Route 1 through Saugus, Massachusetts, you'll be faced with dozens more billboards, including ones with flashing and distracting lights. Or billboards like the one below. No wonder people like to visit Maine.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the law banning billboards along Maine's highways was enacted in 1977. Maine was the second state to enact the law, behind Vermont. Since then, both Hawaii and Alaska have adopted similar laws.

But you may say to yourself, "I've seen billboards in Maine. There's one in Lewiston, I know it!" True. There are some instances in Maine where billboards were grandfathered in. Strict rules still exist that restrict signs from being any taller than 25-feet and any further than 1,000 feet from the actual business. State legislators have brought multiple bills forward to change those rules, but so far, nothing has passed.

Until then, you won't be subjected to large, loud signs on your trip to Katahdin or Acadia or down the road to your local beach. Perhaps we shouldn't take that for granted.

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