Many places, including theme parks, have special days where they honor local heroes. Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire, is no exception. That is right, even though this year is almost done, Story Land is honoring local heroes by having 3 days where heroes are able to visit free of charge.

Now you may be wondering who exactly this offer applies to. According to Story Land, all law enforcement, firefighters, medical professionals, EMS/First-Responders, or Military with a valid ID will be able to attend Story Land for the day for free.

Not only will local heroes gain free admittance into the park, but their families will also be able to attend at a discounted rate. Spouses, as well as immediate children under the age of 18, are able to join their hero at the discounted rate of $29.99 per ticket.

Story Land will be holding their Hero Appreciation days on Sunday, September 18th, Sunday, September 25th, and Sunday, October 2nd. Reservations are not needed to be able to enter Story Land during this event.

Note that on Sunday, September 18th, Story Land will also be holding a special day to honor grandparents. They will be celebrating grandparents day with free admission to the park for all grandparents. There is one downside, it is free admittance for one grandparent per paid admission or valid Season Passholder admission.

Therefore, on Sunday, September 18th, the whole family of a local hero is able to go to Story Land at almost no cost.

You can find more information on all of Story Land's promotions here.

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