Maine is not exactly known for its tall buildings. Skyscrapers aren't a thing here, but we like it that way. Too many tall buildings would take away our state's charm. That said, I was curious what buildings were the 10 tallest in Maine, so I did some digging and was surprised by a few of these on the list.

When you think about tall buildings in Maine, a lot of people will think of Portland. After all, it is the largest city in Maine and with more people living and working in the largest city and undeveloped land on Portland's peninsula at a pretty penny, it's most times easier to build up that out.

Portland does have the majority of the tall building on this list, but some of the tallest ones are elsewhere in Maine in places you might not suspect.

But Now keep in mind this list is going to change in the near future. Construction began in Portland in August of 2021 on what will be Maine's tallest residential building at 18 stories. If you drive into Portland you'll see a giant crane towering over the city that is being used to construct 200 Federal, a mixed-use building that will have two retail suites and 236 apartments.

The 10 tallest buildings are not measured by the number of floors, but by the highest structural point on the building. Check out the list and see if you can guess which building is the tallest in Maine. Here's a hint: It's not in Portland.



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