Maine had beach weather this past weekend

The days we treasure most in Northern New England are truly the days where, after battling subzero temperatures for so long and cold, raw rains, we finally get that glimpse of beach weather out of nowhere. And while they usually happen during the work week, as luck would have it, the last two weekends have had amazing weekend weather, especially the one that just ended.

Whether inland or on the coast, Maine saw temperatures in the 80s. Couple that with the humidity that accompanied it, and the weather was perfect for taking the boat out on the lake, lying by the pool, or hitting the beach. But, like weather (especially in New England) always does, good things must come to an end.

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Maine weather will be in the 60s all week

According to CBS 13, while we had a pinball effect between the 60s and 70s all last week, this week looks like it won't leave the 60s until Friday, when the high as of right now is set to be 73, but rain will come with it. A far cry from the summer-like weather we had on Saturday and Sunday. And naturally, guilty consciences are running wild with many Mainers taking the wrap for the 20+ degree drop in temperature.

Mainers are taking the blame on Reddit

The r/Maine page on Reddit is an absolute gold mine if you're looking for flexing of the unique personalities that make up the state. One recent post, started by Reddit user jamilynnfitz, mentions that it's their fault the weather took a nose dive.

"I took the extra quilt off my bed and put it away thinking it was safe to do so, and therefore jinxed the weather."

This triggered other Maine Reddit users to also take their own responsibility for the drop in temperature -- and honestly, it's the most relatable thing ever because it's something we've all done.

"I put the AC in the window. Expectations of a hot humid day turned into a very average day." - Reddit user bloodshotnipples


"I’ll share the blame. I packed away my electric blanket." - Reddit user icanliveinthewoods


"I'll take credit for the rain we got up in the County. We had to take a few loads of stuff to the dump. Your gardens can thank me later." - Reddit user DragonCommittee


"Nah. It’s my fault. I started putting materials together to build solar heater for my windows." - Reddit user Donutannoyme


"I put the AC in my window and turned off the furnace." - Reddit user OriginalGordol


"Partly my fault too. I put away my winter clothes." - Reddit user Ok-Eggplant-1649


"I put the dock in and unlocked the wrath of the gods here (hail)." - Reddit user Ruser8050


"Nope. I switched to shorts finally. So the weather must turn cold. When I decide I'm cold it will warm up again." - Reddit user farts_in_the_breeze


"Could be my fault, I swapped out the snow tires for summers. I apologize for my transgressions." - Reddit user SparseGhostC2C

Regardless of whose fault it is, we'll be at the point soon where it's bouncing between the 80s and 90s constantly for a couple of months (before it inevitably plummets back down to the 40s for the next 8 or 9 months). Let's enjoy it while we can! (While also keeping the ice scrapers on the floor in the backseat.)

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