Winter "officially" kicks in this week, but you could have fooled all of us here in Maine. We've already encountered a handful of small snow and ice events, and temperatures have been consistently hovering around cold and damn cold for the last ten days to two weeks. Which is why this simplistic message thrown up by the Flatlanda's Diner in Fairfield, Maine just hits us the right way:

Reddit via GoodLuckHaveFreedom
Reddit via GoodLuckHaveFreedom

Shared on Reddit by GoodLuckHaveFreedom, there's nothing snarky, or witty or anything of the sort about this sign. It's just REAL. And the way we read this sign is

You know it's cold outside when you go outside and IT'S COLDDDDDDD

Maybe we're wrong, but we think there's some real emphasis on that last cold part. Hard to pull off on a street sign where all the letters are caps, but you get the point. Anyway, bundle up buttercup, because winter is just about to hit us where it hurts. IT'S COLDDDDDDDD.

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