Gas Station Pizza

Why is it that gas station/convenience store pizza is often considered a top-tier delicacy around here? There's just something about being able to get gas, a lottery ticket, and a pizza under one roof that is just oh so satisfying.

No one does breakfast pizza like a gas station/convenience store either. Or a traditional pepperoni. But one Central Maine convenience store made what is likely the most Maine AF pizza ever.


Robinson's is a small local chain with 10 locations throughout central Maine. Redditor u/snooper27 shared what is arguably the most Maine pizza ever created that he found at a Robinson's. This pie consists of three sauces well...condiments; ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, and topped with red hot dogs and Humpty Dumpty All Dressed potato chips.

The commentary in the post didn't skip a beat noting that the pizza would pair perfectly with some Moxie or Fireball. There were several comments recognizing that weed is legal here in Maine and this pizza is the perfect stoner food.

Even stone-cold sober though, I gotta admit, I'd try it. I already put All Dressed chips on my sandwiches and the pizza is also giving me big cheeseburger pizza vibes. All I'm saying is I won't completely knock it until I try it.

Other Notable Pizzas

This isn't the first pizza to gain a ton of attention here in Maine. A couple of years ago Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub in Cornish nearly broke the internet with their fried pickle pizza.

Cushnoc Brewing Co. in Augusta got so much love for their Crab Rangoon pizza that it became a weekly special.

So would you try a chip, hot dog, and condiment topped pizza? Do you think Maine is on the cutting edge of pizza flavors?

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