You may have seen all of the horror filled movies and shows that are based on Maine author Stephen King's novels, however, there are so many other shows and movies that reference New England.

Even one big Netflix show "Stranger Things," has referenced New England in multiple seasons, from wearing a simple Emerson College t-shirt to talking about moving to Maine.

However, there is one horror show that I have been watching for years and recently while I am re-watching the show, I realized that they seem to reference New England multiple times.

I am talking about "American Horror Story."

Now, if you are a fan of "American Horror Story" then you know that the seasons are all supposed to connect in a way, which could be the reason why New England shines in multiple seasons of the show.

Without getting into too much detail and spoilers, let's go over what I have noticed by re-watching the show. Note: I have not yet re-watched all the seasons, and am finishing up on season 2, "Asylum."

Season 1, titled "Murder House," mentions Boston, MA many times as that is where the family is from, they moved from Boston to a haunted house in California.

Let's focus on season 2, "Asylum" because there is a lot of similarities to the storyline to things that resided and happened in New England.

Now to go into a little detail about the season, because honestly there is a lot going on in the second season, there is basically 5 story lines.

  1. The first story line is about "Bloodyface" a serial killer that goes around murdering and skinning women.
  2. The second story line focuses on Briarcliff Manor, a large insane asylum in Massachusetts.
  3. The third story line is about an interracial couple that was abducted by aliens.
  4. Possession is another story line that happens in this season of the show.
  5. Lastly, the fourth story line follows a crazed German "doctor" that likes to conduct tests on his patients.

If you haven't watched "American Horror Story" or need a refresher on what happened in the second season, here is the trailer:

Like I said, there is a lot that goes on in this season. But, other than the insane asylum being in Massachusetts, how does it relate to New England?

Let's start with the asylum.

There is a notorious insane asylum located in Massachusetts, and no, it is not called Briarcliff. The Danvers State Hospital has been abandoned for years and shares a lot of similarities to Briarcliff. Both have tunnels that run underneath and honestly they look very much alike.

Public Domain, Friendly Wafer's Edits via YouTube
Public Domain, Friendly Wafer's Edits via YouTube

Let's get into the story line about the couple that was abducted by aliens. Yes, there is a New England reference there as well.

The first famous alien abduction happened in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. "American Horror Story" clearly made reference to Barney and Betty Hill, the couple that claim that they were abducted by aliens in 1961. I mean the show is even based in the '60s!

Honestly, there are probably other similarities hidden in season 2 of "American Horror Story". From my memory, I do know that other seasons also reference New England, and even season 10 "Double Feature" was partially filmed in Provincetown in Massachusetts.

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