Dave Grohl released the debut Foo Fighters album in 1995 as an experimental project following the death of Kurt Cobain, the singer for his previous band Nirvana. Fans welcomed it with open arms, and that's where the legacy began.

Fast forward to 1997 for album number two, The Colour and the Shape. This album blew up quick, and solidified that this band is way more than a side project or an experimental project from the drummer for Nirvana.

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"Monkey Wrench" and "Everlong" were already certified monsters on the alternative and rock charts, and "My Hero" was a current hit at the time of this show. That launchd the band to even bigger fame, to the point that the days of playing smaller venues would shortly be behind them. Just before that happened, Portland, Maine, got a treat. The legendary State Theatre booked the Foo Fighters for a show on May 11, 1998.

Foo Fighters Setlist State Theatre, Portland, ME, USA 1998, The Colour and the Shape

It turned out to be a true rock show, and remains a fond memory for fans who were there (and elicits plenty of FOMO for those that weren't). I remember being part of that group. When I moved to Portland in 2000 to start my job at WCYY, that was a show that was talked about on the reg.

If you were there, you may remember the venue was packed with amped-up fans from all over Maine and beyond. Fans that likely didn't realize that they were witnessing history in the form of the Foos playing at a smaller venue in a smaller market.

It wasn't just the music that made the night unforgettable. From the stage presence to Dave Grohl's interaction with the audience, it was all there.

I was able to find the audio of the entire performance. Time to connect this legendary performance to the old bluetooth and (re)live the night that was May 11, 1998 – 26 years ago.

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