Most of us have been dying for some real Maine summer weather, and this week has been one of the greatest ever if you're all about the heat.

Seems we've also attracted some tourists to the area, but one specific license plate seems a little different than our typical "Vacationland" visitors. Spotted passing through southern Maine, one of the most infamous entities in history has taken a trip up to our neck of the woods: LUCIFR

That's right... "Satan" himself came to check out the wicked cool parts of Maine. Maybe he's taking some time to relax by the coast? Maybe he's celebrating Christmas in July?

Let's just hope he's not here on business. I guess that's some pretty good reassurance that we should all keep hydrated and avoid heat stroke taking us down.

Anyway, I would've assumed his plates would've been from somewhere much more southern from New Hampshire, but who am I to judge?

What's the craziest license plate you've ever seen in Maine?

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