If you take exit 44 off I-95 northbound to get into Portland, you're doing it wrong. There's a better way.

I love Portland, but it's pretty expensive to live here. One of the things that annoyed me the most when I first moved here is having to pay a ton of money in tolls just to visit my home state of New Hampshire. But after I had been living here for about two years, someone told me about a way to easily avoid one of them every time.

If you're travelling on I-95 north and you want to go into Downtown Portland, the highway signs will tell you to take exit 44. Don't do it.

Instead, just keep going a little further to exit 45, then the next exit will put you right on 295, and take you to downtown Portland.

Check out these maps. The route in RED is taking exit 44. The route in GREEN is taking ext 45. It's almost exactly the same distance.

Google Maps

It seems to me like a "tourist toll" at Exit 44.

I imagine that most people who have been living here for a while probably know about this... but not everyone.