We've played this game before and even we become more amazed each time at people's ability to create and craft false license plates and inspection stickers. Reddit user MyreveriE shared this piece of beautiful art that they spotted at a stop light recently.

They blacked out the numbers and letters found on the temp plate in the event that they were valid, but we really need to take a closer look at this cardboard magic. We applaud the effort for at least attempting to make this look like a legitimate plate, complete with the year, month and day portions. If we're being honest, the penmanship could have been a little tighter, but that's just us nitpicking.

Reddit via MyreveriE
Reddit via MyreveriE

Despite that attention to detail, there were actually no years, months or days place into the section on the fake plate. Seems like an oversight, perhaps the plate was hastily made and rushed into use.

Oh, and if you're wondering, New Hampshire law states that if someone's temporary plate becomes mutilated, they can return to the vehicle dealer to get a new one or visit any branch of the NH DMV. However, there is a $10 fee for a replacement. So maybe, just maybe, this person just didn't want to cough up the ten bucks before their permanent plates arrived.


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