For those questioning whether or not Bill Belichick was a cyborg from another planet, put your concerns to rest with amazingly relaxed photo. 

Is it safe to say Bill Belichick ain't sweating the Texans? This photo, posted to Twitter via Adam Markopoulos, shows Bill Belichick and his girlfriend Linda Holliday in full-on nap mode while enjoying a ride on the ferry from Nantucket. But in an effort to understand coach Belichick better, lets dissect this photo a little further.

First off, it's amazing that coach Belichick was able to get any shut eye with Guy Fieri sitting behind him. Clearly the coach has zero interest in any diners, drive-ins or dives that Guy has visited. Maybe its not Guy Fieri after all, since there aren't sunglasses pasted to the back of that idiots head.

Secondly, we can't be sure whether or not that cup was filled with soda or something else terribly unhealthy for Coach, but can we work on that? This dude is a regional treasure, we don't him battling diabetes while trying to out plan the Steelers in the AFC Championship game. Thanks.

And lastly, that laptop. Call me a Patriots fan that holds a grudge, but you know..,YOU KNOW there's Patriots stuff on that laptop. Stuff that the red-faced clown commissioner of the NFL would love to get his hands on. Stuff that every other coach of every other team would like a glimpse at. Where's the personal security for this? Does Coach have a 27 character password? Don't even tell me he was watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and he fell asleep. It doesn't happen.

Glad we all got that off our chest. Now...we're on to Houston.


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