Many calls have been put out to the public to help find the remains of one pilot and plane that disappeared 50 years ago in Maine.

The ongoing efforts to find pilot Billy Hogan and his crashed plane continue to this day. Billy Hogan's plane fell off the radar between Rockland and Bangor on May 2, 1972.

One Maine organization of volunteers continues to search this year for the wreckage of Hogan's plane, having started their efforts in January and are still trying to find the wreckage this week.

The nonprofit group is called DEEMI Search and Rescue. DEEMI stands for Down East Emergency Medicine Institute and the organization assembles volunteers to locate and rescue missing persons as requested by local authorities and even family requests.

Currently, the group has been focused on Mount Waldo and has been sharing the search on social media with pictures of the search. Their search leads them here due to information from a possible eyewitness.

The organization specifies that the plane was yellow and white and to look out for metal tubing that may be up in the trees or laying on the ground.

According to an interview with Billy Hogan's brother, Jerome, and the Bangor Daily News in 2015,  the last anybody heard from Billy was a mayday received by the FAA a little after noon on that fateful day. Since then, locating the pilot and his plane has turned up nothing so far.

In January, DEEMI searched Mount Waldo asking anyone hiking in the area to the organization if they find any wreckage or signs of a downed plane.

If you find yourself venturing Mount Waldo this summer or fall and find anything, contact DEEMI at 207-827-2109, and maybe you could be the reason for a little closure in this tragic and puzzling mystery.

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