Brunch is kind of a big deal throughout Maine, which means mimosas and bloody marys are a popular morning Maine drink. Lots of different variations to the classic Bloody Mary exist throughout the state, but this one that we noticed from Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub in Cornish seems a tad bit aggressive.

Not sure if this is a regular menu item or just a customer appreciation special, but it is definitely an eye-opener. Just a quick dissection of what we're looking at here: several pieces of bacon, several shrimp, half a hard-boiled egg, a jalopeno pepper, could be a cucumber, might be a pickle and then the real exclamation point, a chocolate glazed doughnut. We're sure the drink tastes delicious if you could polish off the buffet that leads to it first.

We could put up a nomination process for most wild or aggressive Bloody Mary in Maine but we think there's really no competition after seeing this photo. To whomever made this concoction at Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub, tip of the cap to you. There may be a future for you in food designing.

ps. We're still really curious how a chocolate glazed doughnut made it into a Bloody Mary. First time for everything.

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