Frustrated by people blocking access to the crosswalks after winter storms, someone put up a parking sign that rates as one of the best ever. Check it out. 

Anybody that lives and shops in Freeport knows that in the winter, when there's snow piling up, people will try to use any trick they can come up to avoid parking and walking. Business owners and those who braved the conditions alike can get a little frustrated with those doing their best and navigate around the "rules". But out of misery comes some joy, this amazing sign that someone in Freeport put up.

Shared on Twitter via TechGurl247, there's just a lot to love about the tone delivered on this sign. If you can't quite read what's written on the sign, let us dissect it for you.

The complaint is that people have been blocking the only access to the sidewalk by parking and idling in a crosswalk area. So if whomever placed this sign spots someone doing that they will:

  1. Point and laugh at you (awesome)
  2. Speak ill of your ancestors (even more awesome)
  3. Pull a Dukes of Hazzard and slide across the hood of your car to move it (excellence in awesomeness)

At the bottom, it politely thanks you for not being a D.A. We're quite certain they don't mean district attorney. But still, don't be one.

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