When the weather warms, downtown Portland is buzzing like the booming metropolis it is. But when winter lingers longer, everyone begins to get stir crazy. Just take a look at your social media accounts and see how many memes, memories and anything else pops up conjuring warmer and happier times. Spring fever is at a boiling point. Which is why when this sign was spotted in Portland today outside the LB Kitchen, it just felt like some extra salt in our already, very sensitive, winter wound.

Shared on Twitter by Sam Read of WGME, the sign is a simple countdown for how many official days until Summer. Seems harmless, but considering we just dodged another nasty Nor'Easter, reminding us that summer is still more than 90 (YES, 9-0) days away isn't going to bring any smiles to our already grumpy faces.

We think LB Kitchen meant well, but this is no joking matter. Come on Mother Nature, give us a break!

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