All across rural parts of Maine, small markets and general stores do their best to provide the things people need at a convenience to them. That is definitely the case on Deer Isle, where the town of Stonington sits. And as spotted, and shared by a local resident, there may need to be a little work done on their local market's signage.

Facebook via Kristina Lewis
Facebook via Kristina Lewis

Fundamentally, people may wonder who organized an aisle that contains all of your baby needs right next to the hard booze. That's a fair question. Even more confounding, is who decided that the sign should read BABY NEEDS LIQUOR. Perhaps whomever put that signage up thought it would inform, while giving people a good chuckle. If that's the case, well played. Of course, there's the other half the sign that is confusing as well.

The health-beauty care aisle also carries GLOVE. Singular. Which can only mean there's only one glove in that aisle and you must Hunger Games it for the privilege to have one hand warm during the winter. Amazing.

Sometimes it really is the simple things that can bring a smile to our faces. If your baby needs...liquor...or glove, we know EXACTLY the place to send you.


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