If you live in Portland or plan on visiting this summer, there will undoubtedly be many different adventures you could find yourself on. But there is a new popping up in Portland Harbor that offers the chance to score yourself a unique trip with stunning views. It's called the Maine BayCycle.

According to the Forecaster, A Peaks Island native named Neil Kinner, spent last summer in Portland, Oregon and came up with the idea to have a pedal-powered paddle boat tour company based in Portland, Maine. They claim to be the only "human-powered" tour boat in New England.

You can gather your friends or team up with perfect strangers to paddle your way through the scenic views of Casco Bay on a 90-minute tour. It's a private charter, therefore guests are allowed to bring beer and wine on-board to make their cruise that much more enjoyable. The paddle boat, named the Bridget K, has 10 bicycle-style seats that power the boat. There's coolers in the center to keep your refreshments chilled. There's also a motor attached to the boat in the event of an emergency.

The business is located in Bell Buoy Park on Commercial St. and according to the their website, they plan to operate 7 days per week for the summer. (weather permitting) Guests must be 21+ to board the vessel, and tickets are $35 per person. You can also check out their Facebook page for additional updates on special events and last minute bookings. Enjoy!


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