Get ready Tinder users because the ability to 'share' to about to open up the universe. According to Fortune, Tinder is beta-testing a new feature that will allow users to 'share' a potential match with a friend and that friend will have a limited window to swipe right or left on the suggestion.

The idea behind the feature works like this; you'll come across someone whom you don't see yourself as an ideal fit for but you think your friend may find interesting. From there, you press the 'share' button and place that person's profile into your friends pool of potential matches. From there, your friend will have 72 hours to decide whether or not to swipe right on your suggestion. Tinder made clear that this is an option-out function, meaning you can turn it off.

The new feature doesn't have a time table to be rolled out to the general public but Tinder did do a similar beta-test strategy with other premium features including Passport (the ability to search for potential matches in other cities) as well as the verified user feature.

Tinder has announced through their website that the beta-testing will be random but exclusive to certain markers. Tinder also did not make clear whether the 'share' feature would be exclusive to premium members.

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