We love tossin' out free concert tickets and getting you backstage for those "money can't buy experiences" with the bands. Well sometimes money CAN buy you some time with your favorite artists. I've heard many different opinions on this subject.

Tool fan, Stephen, recently said in an interview with Alternative Nation, "I got VIP for Van Halen, not worth it. Tool so worth it. 1st row & 2hr q&a Adam!”


Here are some other examples:

According to an article in the NY TimesJustin Bieber fans paid $350 to attend a pre-show soundcheck. Christina Aguilera posed for pictures for $800.

In 2014, Miley Cyrus charged $950 for a meet and greet package

Kiss is charging $1,000

Often times (but sometimes not) these VIP packages will have additional treats like upgraded tickets, band merchandise etc.

Do you think it's fair for the artist or band to charge large amounts of money for fans to meet them, after they've already purchased a ticket to see them live? Are the prices fair or too high? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.