"That's right, Ice. I am dangerous..."

It's not every day we get to see some of the military's sophisticated weapons of badassery, especially since Brunswick Naval Air Station has closed. However, every once in a while we get a glimpse or two.

Portland played the role of the "danger zone" yesterday as a pair of fighter jets were out for a jaunt.

The video, taken by the Air Rescue Fire Station, shows the two jets coming in low for potentially simulated landings. The video also gives the viewer some tremendous audio of the immense jet engine sound, as the fighters soar low near the tarmac. And it certainly confused a lot of folks, as you can see in the comments section. Many greater Portland area residents were probably wondering where that thunderous boom was from.

According to the Air Rescue Fire Station, the two jets were F-15 Eagles. The fighter has been in service since the early 1970s. However, all Top Gun jokes need to be put aside, because these are not Navy toys. F-15 Eagles are used by the US Air Force and Air National Guard family.

Cheers and safe travels to the men and women who get to fly those amazing machines. Hopefully more sightings are in the future, because there's basically nothing cooler than a fighter. I'm pretty sure every single one of us wanted to be Maverick at some point...or still do...

"This is Voodoo 3...remaining MiGs are bugging out."

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