The Lewiston City council has approved traffic changes that will help make way for a new Dunkin' at 420 Main Street.

According the Sun Journal, the Dunkin' at 319 Main Street, across from CMMC, wants to move the vacant lot up the street, but residents in the neighborhood don't think that a Dunkin' fits in such a residential area. They also have concerns over the traffic and pedestrian safety.

Current Dunkin' Location via Google Street View

The current location of Dunkin' has it's own traffic problems. It's not an easy place to get in and out of and traffic can often back out onto the busy section of Main Street near the hospital.

Proposed New Location of Dunkin via Google Street View

The traffic changes planned would remove parking spots on Main Street, extending a turning lane and relocating some sidewalks. A traffic study has been proposed before any changes are made, so it will still be some time until the move takes place.