There's another list floating around out on social media of the best pizza for every state according to Trip Advisor and we wanted to save you the trouble of swiping through one of those slideshows to get to Maine's winner. Aren't those annoying? We only care about Maine anyway.

So, we did the swiping for you, and the best pizza in Maine according to the opinions of Trip Advisor diners is.....

Seascoast Pizza & Pasta in Wells.

Now, before you cry foul that it's not your favorite pizza place, here's how Trip Advisor came up with the winner.

They looked at the opinions posted by visitors to and took into account the ratio and quality of pizzeria reviews compared to overall ratings, along with quality and quantity of reviews received. A pizza place had to get a minimum of 4 out of 5 "bubbles," 100 reviews and have 10 locations or less. So that just shows that the people who love Seacoast Pizza & Pasta are die hard fans for taking the time to leave a good review with Trip Advisor.

We don't doubt at all that Seascoast Pizza & Pasta makes a great pizza. Just looking at their Facebook page has my mouth watering. However, there are a ton of great pizza places in Maine and we're sure you have your favorite.

So tell us! Who do you think has the best pizza in Maine. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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