As our world becomes more and more digital, one particular item that seems to be stuck in the past is...signs. There is so much signage all over New England that requires people to put in labor to get their message out there. Of course, the downfall of those old school, manual signs is that when a letter or two go missing, man can it change the message you're trying to get across.

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Case in point, this church located in Raymond, New Hampshire. On the surface, we believe their sign was intended to say, "where is your home". Your home could be right there, in church. But again, the problem with those manual signs is that a stiff breeze or a little shake of the sign could knock a letter or two loose. And a simple question like "where is your home" turns into this...

Shared on Facebook by Colleen Finnigan, the message on that old school sign suddenly takes on a much different tone. It's no longer a warm message sent down from above, but instead something you'd get on your pager from a pimp down the street. Two measly letters take something sweet and turn it extra salty.

We're not saying everything should go digital, but if you've got yourself an old, manual sign, someone has got to be watching that thing closely. Or else...this.

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