Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the Carolina coast with intense might. There's absolutely no joke or anything funny about the potential damage she will cause. But as forecasters attempt to get the word out using social media, an unfortunate map design based on the track of the hurricane is what has garnered the most attention.

Shared on Facebook by Hurricane Tracker, just 10 minutes after this forecast model was posted, people began asking if it was a joke. When the response came back that it wasn't a joke and that this is the official cone of the Florence's potential landfall...well, that's when the jokes began. And boy, did they get dirty.

Everything from "boy, the coast is really going to get pounded" to asking Hurricane Tracker whether the storm "will penetrate further inland or settle on just the tip". In fact, feel free to spend the next 30 minutes reading the entirely ridiculous comments section on this post. Wow.

Also, this is a reminder that the storm is a serious threat to property, pets and human life. But this map, this map is an instant classic.

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