We have an update on that animal cruelty case that came to light yesterday. A horrible video was circulating on Facebook yesterday, showing a Portland resident tripping over, pulling, and kicking a dog. Portland Police identified and charged the person but could not make contact with them or be able to check on the pup's condition. The good news today is that the dog has been taken from its owner and is safe and sound. Nothing gets my blood boiling than a human being cruel to a defenseless animal. Well done to all of you who contacted the Portland Police Department and to the PPD for taking swift action. The PPD did say that there was a lot of misinformation and rumor flying around social media on who was responsible for the crime. The investigation continues, the dog is safe, so let's let the police do their job until we find out what really happened.




Anonymous tips can be called into the Portland Police by calling 874-8584


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