Before we even get into this, massive congratulations and props to every single runner of the Boston Marathon yesterday. For so many reasons.

Boston Marathon 2023

First off, running over 26 miles seems like a special kind of hell unless you're a dedicated (and slightly obsessed) runner. Also, ever since the tragic events of the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15, 2013, a slight fear must loom in the back of minds.

Especially with yesterday being the 10th anniversary of the Bombing. But that said, again, all the respect in the world to anyone that hit the pavement, tackled Heartbreak Hill, and took on the infamous Boston Marathon yesterday.

That said, a horribly embarrassing video from yesterday's race has gone viral, and the internet is actually pretty divided on it.

Babz via Twitter
Babz via Twitter

Boston Marathon Runner Pooping in Yard

In a now-deleted video from the Boston subreddit page on Reddit, user DankOps posted video captured by his Nest doorbell camera of a woman, mid-Marathon, running into his yard behind some trees to relieve herself.

Without a doubt, an embarrassing event in itself. In the video, which was captured and reposted to Twitter by the user Babz before it was deleted from Reddit, it actually looks like the homeowner approaches the woman in the middle of her doing her business, before walking away and, clearly, eventually posting the video onto the internet for all to see.

"I feel like it would be one thing if she was just peeing , but Goddamn at least use your number or something to pick up the mess.

That's where things get interesting, though. Because even though administrators deleted the video, the post still remains as does the comments section.

And commenters are split right down the middle on who the jerk in this situation is -- the runner or the original poster.

"I feel like it would be one thing if she was just peeing, but damn at least use your number or something to pick up the mess." - dosmoney


"People are weird as hell man, I would be livid if someone took a s*** on my property, running a marathon or not." - nurselyfenow


"Grow up, dude. The embarrassment she's probably feeling is enough." - Haunted86


"I'm sure the runner was really embarrassed to have to do that. I wouldn't call her out on it any further. If she had to go there was probably no time and unfortunately it was in your yard. Better than on Comm Ave in front of everyone." - xsuper888x


"Definitely file police report for indecent exposure and trespassing." - Admirable-Policy


"I’m sure this woman woke up this morning and said I’m not only going to run the Boston Marathon… but I'm going to take a s*** in somebody’s yard. Hopefully I can get caught on camera and get total exposure!!! Lighten up and let it go." - Puzzleheaded-Quit104

That wasn't the only controversy, though, as a totally separate post popped up on Reddit highlighting the original poster's responses to some of the comments received on their post.

Comment: What would YOU have done in her situation?

Response: Used one of the thousand porta potties along the route.


Comment: Sometimes it's an emergency. Why would you approach her during this? It was probably embarrassing.

Response: She should have had the courtesy of not s***ting on my lawn. There is no possible way her actions can ever be justified.


Comment: You're acting like someone pooped in your yard for fun. She's running a marathon and didn't know what to do. It's not like she could just go home. Yeah, it's gross but she was probably already embarrassed about the situation.

Response: A choice was made to run a marathon. That is a person's choice and they're allowed to it and all the power to 'em. It absolutely does not give them the right to just crap on someone's lawn because they decided to run a race. One person's choice should not be another person's consequences in this case.

What a time to be alive for such a wild ride.

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