You eagle-eyed WCYY readers might remember an article Joey wrote a couple of months ago about a man named Nicholas Gagne of Wales who reportedly had the bright (literally, not figuratively) of climbing a power line and stealing electricity with some jumper cables. He was arrested and charged with stealing about $3000 worth of power.

Well folks, police said he's at it again!

As reported by the Bangor Daily News, an officer acting on a tip caught Gagne in the act this time around. Humorously enough, the BDN reported, he climbed the same pole and used what could be the same cables as last time. Police said he fled the scene, headed for an outbuilding nearby, where he was quickly arrested.

Police said he is being held without bail, and CMP has been called in to assess the situation.

Seriously, has this guy never seen a crime film? Does he not know that you never return to the scene of the incident? Either way, doing the exact same thing you were just arrested for takes some real courage. Dumb, ill-advised courage, but courage, nonetheless.


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