In a scheme that was super dangerous and time consuming, a man from Maine was arrested after he was found to be thieving electricity to power his home. 

Living "off the grid" can certainly have its advantages, but what happens when you decide you're tired of being grid less? You probably become Nicholas Gagne of Wales. Gagne was arrested by the Maine State Police after he was found to knowingly and intentionally stealing electricity from Central Maine Power.

As the Maine State Police detail in their Instagram post, Gagne's plan to still receive electricity but not pay for it was rather clever. On multiple occasions, CMP had gone to his residence to disconnect power, but Gagne wasn't going to sit at home in the dark. Instead, After CMP departed, Gagne would climb the utility pole outside of his house, use jumper cables and run a line down to his home to essentially steal power.

CMP admitted to the Maine State Police that they were impressed by Gagne's ingenuity, however a makeshift power line as Gagne had constructed presented a significant danger of both electrocution and the potential for a fire.

There's no doubt that this is one of the more "creative" crimes we've seen in Maine in awhile. Anybody want to buy this guy a generator?

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