Raw video has surfaced after a high speed chase through Massachusetts and New Hampshire ended with the apprehension of a suspect. The video has begun to cause a stir however, with people asking if police used excessive force after it appears the suspect had given himself up.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the video was shot from a helicopter as police pursued a man from Massachusetts after he refused to stop for police in Holden, MA. Massachusetts State Police said the man was wanted on multiple outstanding warrants including assault and battery.

The chase began in Massachusetts but ended in a quiet neighborhood of Nashua, New Hampshire where most of the above video was taken. Once the suspect chose to stop his vehicle, he exits and appears to get on his knees with his hands up. From there several officers, some with their guns drawn, pounce on the suspect and incapacitate him. Some who have watched the video, question those officers use of force.

The high speed pursuit as well as the apprehension are currently under investigation. What do you think? Was the force excessive or did police do the right thing in subduing and incapacitating a potentially dangerous suspect?