From some interesting dash cam footage, watch a driver speed past a car in snowy conditions, only to end up in a ditch 30 seconds later. 

The old adage goes, don't speed in the snow. Not every driver takes those warnings so seriously. Enter in this video shared on YouTube courtesy of Redditor Kirby420.

In their description of what takes place on the grainy 2 minute dash cam video, Kirby420 claims they were driving around the speed limit on route 9 in North Yarmouth, Maine. They claim a woman behind the wheel of a Prius pulled on the side of their car, sped up and blew past them going at least 40 mph in snowy conditions. As you can see in the video, it didn't end well for the driver or the Prius.

Roughly 30 seconds later, the driver with the dash cam approaches the area where the Prius has slid off into a ditch. From there, the person with the dash cam and the driver of the Prius exchange words (because it's Maine, so why wouldn't they?) and then the dash cam driver moves on.

Some commenters on Reddit suggested that the dash cam driver could have been a little nicer throughout the incident, but most agreed the driving move from the Prius was ill-advised.

As we continue to have inclement weather here in Maine, how many times have you witnessed horrible driving moves during storms?

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